Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here are a few of the quick reference guides I kept and still keep at my finger tips. 

These will help give you an idea of how to make blocks out of the foods you already eat and balance each meal/snack. It may seem like a lot at first but you will figure out the measurements for the foods you regularly eat and you won't need to depend on these for long.  They are great to keep handy in case you have to grab a meal on the go and don't know how a food blocks out. I keep these saved in my camera roll on my phone so I always have them handy. 

Here is a downloadable excel file this is pretty intense but does a lot of work in terms of block breakdown and meal/snack composition.

These are great for measurement conversion based on the details in the charts above -- it makes it much easier to create 3, 4, or 5 block meals without measuring out each Tbsp or tsp-- sanity, check!

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